Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wedding Fun

Hi Guys!!

Sorry its taken me forever and a day to get back to this but a few things have happened since and i've not really had time!

But now it is autumn or fall as those crazy americans call it (love you guys) and the nights are drawing in here in aberdeen so i thought I would crack on with the blog and start giving it some love and attention.

So with my first new post I am going to take you back to this Summer and one of the hottest days of the year up here in bonnie Scotland and my gorgeous cousin Helen got married to her lovely hubby James. 

She looked incredible on the day! - and James looked very daper and handsome in his kilt.

Thought I would share some lovely pictures with you all of the day - only one of the bride and groom sadly as I don't have many of them!


Susie x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hello World!!

Twits and Two's


So I have for a very long long time been reading blogs and being one of those silent bystanders who never comments - come on we have all done it or know someone whos does it!

So now I'm taking the plunge and I'm joining the world of bloggers!!

So I thought I would start with an introduction about ME!

Seeing as I hope we are going to be spending a lot of time with each other I thought I would share with you some fun facts about me! So here we go 25 facts about me!

1. I love CHOCOLATE - but not just chocolate generically! it has to be Dairy Milk its just my go to chocolate!

2. When I was a wee one I loved smarties!! Craved them! In fact for some professional photos we had taken when i was about 2 or something my Mother bribed me with Smarties - I even made her include them in a photo from the day! - early hints to my chocolate fiendness

3. I have 1 Older Biological Brother and 2 Older Step Sisters, 1 Older Step Brother and 1 Younger Step Brother - Always someone there to fall back on!

4. I am a fully qualified Guide and Brownie Leader - although havent managed to find a new unit when I moved away from home - must do that!

5. I am an 80's child well just! but sometimes this is a bad thing!

6. My favourite colour is Raspberry Pink - although nothing in my house resmembles this colour!

7. My all time favourite book is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - I love immersing myself in her altogether more romantic and simple world!

8. My favourite film is Tom Hank's Forest Gump - good memories of watching this with my dad and older sister Sarah when we went on holiday to Centre Parcs

9. My second favourite film is - My Sisters Keeper - watched this cuddled up with my sister Tash whilst we visited our parents in Saudi Arabia good memories

10. My favourite meal is - my boyfriends Pan Fried Duck Breast with Red Wine and Plum Gravy and Black Pudding Mash -Noms!

11. I live in Aberdeen and have done for 7 Years!

12. My birthday is 4 days after Christmas and I was born the day after my daddy turned 32!

13. I used to pick Strawberries and Raspberries with my brother and cousins on our family farm - although most ended up in my tummy!

14. I'm a bit of a geek

15. I love tennis - I watch Wimbledon religiously every year!

16. I love driving - road trips fill me with excitement! - especially if I get to drive!

17. I love Owls - can't believe this is 17 but yeah I love owl's - hence the name of the blog!

18. I am a typical Scot and I live off Irn Bru!

19. I hate spiders - I cringe at the scene in Harry Potter

20. I love Harry Potter - I wish I could have gone to Hogwarts

21. I used to do Panto's as a young un'

22. I love Ham and Coleslaw Sandwiches

23. I love Gin and Tonics on a hot summer's day - with a touch of mint!
(so my grandfathers granddaughter!)

24.  I love watching Youtube!
Every night after work before bed I catch up with all my favourites!

25. I'm excited by the new world of Blogging - Please Be Kind to me!

Well there you go folks
A wee insight into my world! Hope you guys enjoyed that!

Why don't you let me know a few things about you!

Speak to you soon Guys

Twit Twoo for now!

Susie xxxx